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Hello there I'm Muhammad Gazzaly Author and owner of Green Hat Hacker, An Ethical Hacker, Internet Marketer ,Software Engineering Student,Web Developer

When I was at 15 I got interested in the field of Hacking for have some fun, I asked Idiotic questions from people  and expect good answers from the about hacking but I did not get it.

then i searched a lot and lot about hacking and security. then i get to know about forums and blogs. after that i researched for a long time period. and finally i got some ideas about hacking and network and web security. and still i'm searching for more. 

then i thought to share my knowledge and experience with the people who wants to know and learn about hacking and web development. so i started a blog to write and share my own and refereed thoughs so i started this blog on earlier year of 2011. but i already own some blogs and now i know how to educate people and how to explain the about hacking and cracking.

Hope you liked reading the About me Page, Feel free to express your comments on my blog posts.

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Twitter profile : http://twitter.com/gazblotz

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  1. Step 1, IT is not Visible clearly, Background Color and Text COlor both are Same, check it :)


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