How to Hack Facebook New Method Revealed : Green Hat Hacker

how to Hack Facebook New Method 2012 March 
Hello People welcome to my blog again ;) I'm very glad to welcome you again;
today i'm going to introduce a new method or new way of facebook hacking else i can mention it as new method of bypassing Facebook 2nd Step Authentication .. wanna learn gonna try so wait read more and try to hack 

So today while logging into Facebook I was in a location without cellphone signal so when Facebook asked for a “Login Approvals Code” that I had enabled in Facebook security options I was unable to provide a code.

Lets Hack Facebook For Free 
Since I didn’t have signal I tried the option “I can’t get my code” and noticed “Skip this and stop asking me to enter codes”

FB hacking Green Hat Hacker

And when I click it I got asked “Log in without entering codes from now on?”

I have hacked Facebook 

And once accepted i was into my account without entering the 2 step authentication code and the security option was turned off.

I bypassed the 2 step authentication code !! WTF?

So in conclusion why have a 2 step authentication option when it can be disabled without having to enter it once before? Kinda defeats the purpose ? No?

so Let's Say !! Facebook fix your shit ! 

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