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How to bypass links ( is a free url shortening service. Unlike other url shortening service such as and, will pay you for shortening links and display their ads.

For each unique 1000 views of the links shortened using you will earn $4.00 and can be helpful for bloggers to generate few bucks online.
However, there are also people who use to scam other people to click on their links, and are bit annoying especially when they shared useless links on facebook wall or on twitter. What’s the use of if you just shared YouTube links or

 Google search links? If you are sick of those people who scammed others to click on their links, you may bypass links using this simple tricks.

RedirectionHelper userscripts

RedirectionHelper is a user scripts that can be used to skip the redirection links of, linkbucks etc. It will remove the annoying ads or mask, and redirect to the actual links automatically without having having to wait few seconds.

Install RedirectionHelper userscript. Click on the install button to use it.
Firefox user requires Greasemonkey to use userscript while Chrome users can install userscript as extension.

If you Need those links Please Comment Below !! Bypasser userscripts bypasser
If RedirectionHelper not working, you can try other alternative scripts to bypass
So far this is the easiest and guaranteed method to bypass adf.links. No more annoying ads for you

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