How to Add Image Search Results To Custom Search Engine

Google Custom Search has added a new feature to Custom Search -image search results. If you post lots of photos on your blog, image results will help visitors quickly and easily find the photos they want. (GHH)This feature is simply a must-add to photo-extensive blogs e.g. blogs on photography, food, celebrities, art, craft, travel etc. 

Once this feature is added, two tabs will be added on top of your search results. The first Web tab has your current text-based web search results and the second Image tab, contains the image-only search results.  

Enabling image results

  1. Login to Google Custom Search (opens in a new tab/window).
  2. Go to the Control Panel of the search engine that you want to add the image tab to.
  3. Click Basics on the left sidebar.
  4. Check the Enable image search checkbox located at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click Save Changes button and you’re done. 

Changing the results layout

  1. Click Look and feel on the sidebar.
  2. Choose one of the three layouts -classic, column, or popup (default).
    image custom search results layout
  3. Click Save & Get Code button.
  4. Copy the search results code (the one in the lower box if you are provided with two sets of codes) and paste it to replace your existing code.
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