(Free Jersey Offer) Facebook Scam

Now a Days there is a New Facebook Scam Call New Jersey for All 
It's Scam Program .. they are advertising like they'll provide a new jersey for all ! So beware !! Read Below !!>>
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for grab that T-Shirt they are requiring our very personal facebook email Address that provided by facebook for our personal purpose so please don't share it!

If you share that email address they can automatically post in you wall as you post.! so Beware !!!!
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Facebook Says about that Email 

 This is a secret email just for your Page - don't share it with anyone except other admins of this Page.The email subject will be used as the caption of your photo or video if your email contains photo or video.The email subject will be used as your updated status if your email contains no photo or video.Save your upload email as a contact for easy access.Anytime you want, refresh your upload email.

So Please Beware !!!!

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  1. It's so real btw.
    I. myself almost fall into it until I reached step 4 which is to complete a survey. Completing surveys is typically a scamming tactic seen when you're trying to download some files from some sharing websites.
    Careful guys!


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