How to unlock Any Vodafone Huawei Dongle (Guide Post)

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Today I'm going to explain about how to Unlock Vodafone Huawei Dongle for Free 
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Following Tools will be needed to make this work

Warning : Im not responsible for any consiqences you might face after you follow this guide.

  • E220 firmware update
  • A Hex Editor like XVI32
  • QMAT - QC Mobile Analysis Tool
  • E220 Simlock Unlocking tool
you can get above Tools Simply through Google

1. Run the Firmware update wizard wait till it detects the modem and then cancel the Wizard.

Click to Enlarge View

2. now Run the QMAT - QC Mobile Analysis Tool, Choose Use Com/Usb port Menu Item from the Hardware Forensics Menu. ull see a window like this. select COMx - HUAWEI Connect - 3G PC UI Interface (COMx) option,(original article by : GHH) then click the send CMD button, you will see a bunch of text appear below in the output box and it will say "Successfully send command" if you dont get that message you have messed up so do all of above again 

3. Now!!!, select read EFS option from the drop down list, its allready selected on this screenshot, then hit the Lets go button, give the filename efs.bin, itll take a few minutes to read the complete EFS to the file (its about 32MB in size).

4. After the dump is completed, fire up the Hex editor, open the efs.bin file u just created, and search for this Hex Value 53 64 2c 00, Right next to it you will find the Unlock code for the Modem. this is my modems dump.

i have highlited the Hex chain and the unlock code its very easy to find, unlock code is a 8 digit number for this device.

Click to Enlarge View
5. Now fire up the E220 Simlock Unlocker tool, Enter the unlock code u just discovered, Violah ur done. u get ur self a fully unlocked Modem tha u can use with any subscriber ...

Enjoy guys...

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