How to Get Free Direct Link for Torrent files

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1. What is Torrent?
2.How to use a Torrent file
3. How to download torrent through Internet download manager ;)

What is Torrent?

torrent s a collaborative file sharing - protocol , which is particularly suitable for the rapid distribution of large amounts of data. Unlike other file-sharing technology torrent is not a comprehensive file-sharing network, but builds to a separate file for each distribution.

How to Use a Torrent file?

a image has 1000 Meanings than a paragraph .. but video has more than 1000 meanings  and a video is easy to understand so i'm going to give a video file just look at that .. spend some minutes to watch that video 

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 How to download torrent through Internet download manager ;)

Here we come to correct exact heading of today.

Follow following Steps Correctly :

1. First , you have to download the torrent file(.torrent) that you want to download.

2. Then  go to the website following site and upload the torrent file already you have downloaded and click on the cache! button.

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3.Then go to the website and create an account there(in case you don’t have) and login to your account. Then paste the address of the new torrent obtained in step 3 and click on Get button.
4.Now you will get the list of available files present in that torrent file. Then click on the initiate bittorrent transmission button. This will give the full option to download the file. Just click on any link and you can see the download manager-Internet Download Manager popping out for downloading the file.

Now enjoy the ultimate Speed of Internet Download Manager for downloading torrents too…

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