How to Use System Restore in Windows 7

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System Restore has been in Windows for almost 10 years, but it has matured into something very valuable for any power user who tweaks his computer. Every time you make a change there is a risk that something could go wrong. Wouldn't it be nice if you could easily undo any change with just a few clicks?

System Restore is the solution to that problem by allowing you to jump back in time to an earlier state.
In the next sections I show you how to create Restore Points before you tweak and then how to restore to a previous state if something goes wrong.

Creating Restore Points

Restore Points in Windows can be created a number of ways. Every time you install new software, Windows automatically creates a new Restore Point. You can also manually create Restore Points in Windows. This chapter will start first
with the normal way and then show you how to create a desktop shortcut that allows you to jump directly to the Create Restore Point screen. To get started,
do the following:

1. Click the Start button, type in Create a Restore Point, and then hit Enter.
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2. This will load the System Properties System Protection tab as shown(see following Figure). This allows you to view your System Restore settings and create Restore Points.

3. Next, click the Create button near the bottom of the window.

4. On the next screen, type in a name for your Restore Point and click

After you click the Create button the Restore Point will immediately begin taking a snapshot of your system. You will be shown a progress screen and notified when it is complete. In my experience it only takes a few minutes at most to create a Restore Point. Sometimes it takes less than a minute.
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