How To Get Facebook Insights For your Own Blogs

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To day i'm going to write an article about How to Collect Insights from Facebook official Applications. first of all i would like brief about Facebook Insights 

Facebook Insights provides Facebook Page owners and Facebook Platform developers with metrics around their content. By understanding and analyzing trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, Page owners and Platform developers are better equipped to improve their business with Facebook.  -- Ref Facebook Official Help Blog 
Please follow following instructions carefully to add Facebook Insights for your Blog/Website

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Click on the button named "Insights for your Website".

after click on that button lightbox window will appear. Enter your domain name and make sure you link it with "You". Look at the below picture to more explanation.
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  • Copy the meta tag that give in the box my one is like below 

<meta property="fb:admins" content="100001332101002" />

  • Go to your Blogger accounts Dashboard and go to Template tab and click on "Edit HTML" of your blog. then search for <head> tag Now add the meta tag you have copied just below the <head> tag. 

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Now your under the final section of this tutorial..

  • Save your template.

  • Now click on "Get Insights" button in box window that already appeared in Facebook. now you are done.

here after when you visit to the Facebook Insights page, you will see your website listed under Websites.

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