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my todays article about Bypass or skip Ads on some website like but if I want to tell I’m not satisfying through complete the survey and download the target file so I’m going to release a Code or JAVASCRIPT just copy ( CTRL + C ) and Paste(CTRL + V ) It in  your address bar .. Mozilla is the best for this work

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javascript:(function(){(function(){var z=["Timeout","Interval"];

for(var i=0;i<1;i++){var x=window["set"+z[i]]("null",1);

eval("delete clear"+z[i]);if (window["clear"+z[i]]==undefined)

{if (typeof(ar)=="undefined"){var ar=document.createElement("iframe");"none";document.body.appendChild(ar);}window

["clear"+z[i]]=ar.contentWindow["clear"+z[i]];}for(var j=x;


var bd="";var gn=function()

{var q=function(min,max){return Math.floor(Math.random()*(max-min+1))

+min;};var n="";for(var r=0;r<q(9,19);r++)n+=String.fromCharCode

(q(97,122));return n;};var sj=["Timeout","Interval"];var bl=[];var

 xc=[];for(var i=0;i<2;i++){bl.push(window["set"+sj[i]]);

window["set"+sj[i]]=function(a,b){};for(var j in window){try


("function set"+sj[i]+"() {")!=-1)window[j]=function(a,b){};}}catch

(e){}}var op=gn();xc.push(op);window[op]=bl[i];}var er=gn();window



id:"4d158e58be974",TO:setTimeout("alert(\"It appears that the 

host could not be reached :(\\nPlease try to use the bookmarklet 

again later! Thanks from Gazzaly \\n\"+xjz.domain);",10000)};

var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript";



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  1. amezing very good dude very nice thnx :)

  2. hye dude can u hellp me i cant skip this site survay........ ""


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