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In this tutorial, we will see how to use Gmail to schedule an email to send at a specific date. This can be done with the help of theBoomerang plugin, which allows to set a specific date when an email has to be sent.
Get Started

1. Install Boomerang for your correspondent web browser (Firefox 3.6+ or Chrome 5.0+) you are using by clicking the Install Boomerang button.

2. After installing the Boomerang plugin, sign in to your Gmail account and click Compose mail.

3. Next to the Send button, you will notice an extra button (Send Later) has been added for the Boomerang plugin.

4. After entering all your message details, click Save Now.

5. To schedule your email to be sent at a specific time, click Send Laterand select a time from the given options, or select "At a specific time" to enter a specific time of your choice.

6. A new window will pop-up, click Allow to grant the Boomerang plugin access to your Gmail account. 

7. Boomerang will now process your email and will give you a notice about the time your message will be sent.

8. To manage emails to be sent using Boomerang, clickBoomerang-Outbox.

That's it.


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