SPAM: Osama Shoot Down Video Leaked : Hackerz

Since Osama Bin Laden declared dead by US officials, lots of news spreading over the net. Until today, the Osama dead picture had been classified as fake which is doctored.
Another annoying thing is the Osama Facebook spam. A spam mentioningOsama Shoot down video going around.
Is this Facebook spam annoying you also guys?
What is your comment about Osama Bin Laden dead news?

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  1. yup, the spam are coming in fast at facebook

  2. @Azzam : Yes Absolutely your Correct because Facebook is the Biggest Social Networking site through that you can easily advertise on that and it's little bit flexible if you try you can

  3. This is idiocy, I hate this stupid video, it sends all my friends messages from me telling them to watch it too. Jeez.

  4. @Anonymous : Hey yah what to do they want a publicity so some ppl r creating this kind f SCAM n SPAM


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