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 Duckload Premium Account Trick

Step 1 : Go to Duckload Members Login Page  : Click Here

Step 2: Use any one premium account posted below

user : 5318406 
pass : 242aa9
user: 9030238
   pass : nniMgYtkT
Step 3: Click Login button <-> you will get error message like these
Your account has been disabled.
Grund: Manipulation.

Your account will be deleted on 30.05.2011 - 10:16.
Step 4:Just close your browser immediately

Step 5:Wait 10 to 30 sec & Open your browser

Step 6:And then just paste your duckload download link on your browser and DOWNLOAD AS PREMIUM USER


Step 1 : First, enter your duckload download link in your 


Step 2 : After login your duckload account

Don't logout....always 


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