Download as PREMIUM of the most popular servers : Hackerz

Download as PREMIUM of the most popular servers

With this method you can download as PREMIUM of the most popular servers, such as:


  1. AllDebrid account.
    AllDebrid: High quality unrestrained downloader, universal access, maximum connection speed..
  2. JDownloader Beta. (Optional)
    Only with JDownloader Beta you can use your AllDebrid account.
  • The only limitation is, the AllDebrid account expires in two days. C'mon, is not annoying.
Register new AllDebrid account

     1.  Go to -> AllDebrid and register a new account, remember to put a valid email.

  •      2.  Go to your email and click the "Activate my account" link.
     3.  Okay, now you have a two days AllDebrid Premium account.
Configure JDownloader Beta

     1.  Download and install JDownloader Beta.
     2.  Go to the installation folder (default is: C:\Program Files\JDownloader) and run JDownloaderBETA.

     3.  Update JDownloader Beta.

     4.  In the program go to -> Premium -> Manage Accounts and Add your AllDebrid account.

     5.  That's it!. you're ready to download like crazy!
My account expired, What now?
If your account has expired, you just have to create another and continue downloading.
Note: Sometimes AllDebrid doesn't let you log off, so you'll have to delete cookies.

Note 2: Sometimes AllDebrid won't let you create another account with the same IP, so you'll have to change it.
I don't want to use JDownloader Beta

If you don't want to use JDownloader Beta, you can generate your PREMIUM links on AllDebrid web site.

If you want to buy an AllDebrid premium account, DO IT is an excellent service and cheap, also gives you benefits like: Plugins for most popular browsers, plug-in for JDownloader (normal) and many more.

Downloading on my shitty conection :D

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