How to Download Facebook Videos? 3 ways

How to Download Facebook Videos? 3 waysEvery day millions of facebook users upload their videos, making facebook one of the largest video sharing site with large collection of user uploaded videos. presently facebook doesn’t permit users to download the uploaded videos. but still just like Youtube you can download facebook videos directly from their servers. if suppose a particular user deletes his uploaded Video, the facebook will remove that video from his profile. ie virtually it cannot be seen on the facebook, but remember facebook never deletes uploaded videos from their server. that means u can still download deleted videos of any user unless u have the video link with you.
You can Browse the collection at
Now we will see how you can download any video uploaded by any user. you will just need the video link you want to download. there are 3 ways you can download them:-
1) Direct Download (Online)
Just copy the URL of the video you want to download and paste the URL in the box and hit enter. you will get download link for that video.
2) Add-Ons for FireFox (Recommended)
-Facebook Video
This Add-on lets you download and convert Facebook videos and provides code to embed videos in other sites. It works even if Flash is disabled.
-Boost for Facebook
This Add-on makes bigger profile picture and photos, easier viewing of albums and adds download links for videos.This add-on also provides 300+ skins and 30+ features for boosting Facebook.
3) Install SpeedBit software
this software adds toolbar to your browser for downloading Facebook videos.

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