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Top popular ways Hacking Email Account Password

Hey guys...I made this thread in Hope of stopping some of the questions of "How to Hack this Email" or "where to download free email hacking software" etc...
Now u'll be able to hack any email account...hack any email account password.

So this tutorial is aimed at all those people whose "Boyfriend's or Girlfriend's cheated on me"...and yes we do believe you! But Next time do it yourself!

After this you should know "almost" all the top and popular ways on How to Hack an Email account password...

Here we go:


So far, this is one of the most popular method used in hacking email account passwords as with this method you get a mail containing victim's username and password...

Phishing is a way of saying "Keylogger" but in another way. Let's say you want to create a hotmail phishing page...The page should look exactly like the real one.

How does it work:

You can download/make a replica(phisher) of the website you want to phish...and save it as an HTML file. When you're done with that,you have to find a way to upload the HTML.

Best way is a Website (Free Hosting). Like Piczo/Blogspot etc.

When thats done, the user (is made to believe that it's the real website) so he/her types his/hers username and password...and automatically the username and password will be sent to you by mail or in some cases saved onto a Log.txt file.

There you have it, that's Phishing.

2.Brute Forcing:

Brute Forcing is like guessing the password , but instead you make/download a password list (a long .txt file containing words that the password might be) and the Brute Forcer tries them all...

You probably have the lesser chance of getting the password this way. The disadvantage of using Bruteforce to crack passwords is the time it takes to crack the password...it takes very long which is not desirable for a busy hacker schedule....


This method i found very efficient in hacking passwords.

Keyloggers are like phishing but is more simple. Its a simple .exe file. When someone clicks it, the Keylogger auto downloads (from the website).

Start it, on your/their computer, and put in the IP or Email (for some), and every hour etc
You'll receive keys pressed on his/her computer thats an easy way to find out passwords...Although they are normally found out!

A keylogger records all keystrokes on computer that the victim makes and automatically you are able to record his passwords and finally accomplish the goal of hacking his email account.

4.Fake Msn:

Fake msn is just a replica(phisher) of Msn Messenger. Let some of your friends come over and open up the Fake Msn. Let them type in their msn hotmail ID and their password but they will get a error"Username and Password do not match each other", and their username/password will be saved in a .txt file...Located in C:\

This is probably the most effective way of getting your "Friends" Password etc

Download Here...


5.Guessing The Secret Question

This is pretty orthodox method of password cracking which uses "Forgot password" link, but is of great help sometimes.

If you know your friends, this will be an easy task. Go to http://www.hotmail.com and click "Forgot Password", then put in their email address...and then the CATCHA code. Reply to the secret question (and If you get it right, you Have his Password!)

But beware because you have like 3 tries only..

Well I think that I've covered "almost" All top ways of "How to Hack an Email"

Hope this thread will Help some of you guys or girls to Hack your "Boyfriend's or Girlfriend's Password"

Can mail me if anyone needs any help!

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