“Find Your Stalker” – New Facebook Spam uses JavaScript!

I guess By Now we have disscussed quite good Number of facebook Scams and some of you must have earned much knowledge on facebook Scams and Spam. But its Human Nature, we are unknowingly Tempted to checkout sexy looking Stuff. and thats the reason i am again making you aware of this new Scam called “Find your Facebook Stalker”.
Scammers are using simple social engineering Skills to get hold your Facebook account and Promote their Products. This time that Scammers have more Powerfull Facebook SPAM. Till Now we have seen SPAM that could update your status and post the same scam link to your friends Wall automatically. But this Spam is different, it also tags random friends from your Friends list and checks them as your top stalkers.
Just Observe the Screenshot below. if you happen see a message like the following posted on your wall by one of your Facebook friend’s, don’t click on the link.

Find Your Stalker - New Facwbook Scam
If you do make the mistake of clicking on the link – perhaps out of morbid curiousity to see your Stalkers – you will be Redirected to a page that claims You are about to find out who spends excessive time with your Photos, reading your old Post and blahblah. They will ask you to Run Some Script on your facebook Homepage. Once you Run the Java Script, the Devil will stat his work and within minutess it will flood your friends wall and your wall with the same Spam. This is typical JavaScriptJacking Scam. If you remember we have already see this type of javascriptjacking Scam before, read below. The Scammers make money by showing advertisment on the landing Page.

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