Delete Your Files Forever, No Way To Recover Them

If you delete your files using the Shift + DEL keys or empty them from the recycle bin, bear in mind that these files are not deleted permanently; they can be restored with some professional software (File Recovery Software). This would be a big problem if you want to delete permanently your sensitive files.

Available as a freeware and requires no installation (portable version), EraserDrop is a utility that allows to delete any file of your choice permanently, malicious users cannot restore it with any file recovery software.

To delete files with this utility, you need simply to drag the file(s) you want to delete permanently and drop it in the EraserDrop's icon. EraserDrop is compatible with the following operating systems:
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

To download EraserDrop, click here. The setup wizard, will ask you where you want to extract the program files, select either a destination folder or extract them in your USB flash drive, for example.


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